Inner Game

Many men have insecurities they want to get rid of. Insecurites like:

I am not rich enough.

I am to ugly.

I am to stupid.

Remember, you may have the skills not yet.

Pickup is absolutely learnable. Pickup is fun.

Each man on the planet can learn how to successfully attract women. For each man in the world, there is a woman.

In case you are interested to work on your inner game. And I think you do. Contact me (Raymond) and we will talk about it.

For an inner game session in Amsterdam, i charge you now just 100 euro.

During this session we are going to talk about it.

Also important to work on, is your presence. Fancy scenes in Amsterdam require some good clothes. For instance neat shoes and hand tailored pants.

My brother Justin told me one day that for each man there is a woman in the world. Now let that be true to you please.

Your goals in pickup

What are your goals in pickup?

Examples of goals:

More pretty women in my social circle.

To find myself a good girlfriend.

Or just: having fun with women.

Once there are enough men interested in the inner game event, I will throw the inner game event in Amsterdam.

Looking forward to hear from you.


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